Get a beautiful holiday glow all year round with Johnson’s?Holiday Skin?Body Lotion

February 7, 2006

Get a beautiful holiday glow all year round with Johnson’s? Holiday Skin? Body Lotion

Simply make Johnson?s Holiday Skin Body Lotion part of your daily skin care routine and radiate soft, smooth, glowing skin all year round!

Here?s what some women have said:
? 88% said it left their skin with a healthy glow: ?A perfect moisturiser for a sun-kissed glow all year round?.
? 85% said it improved the look and feel of their skin: ?I love the smell. It is starting to glow, makes my skin healthy and silky?.
? 92% found it easy to use and apply: ?I like this better [than other lotions] because it doesn?t streak?.
? 89% said it effectively moisturises the skin: ?My skin was dry before. However, applying it makes my skin moist and back to normal?.

How does it work?
As well as being a daily moisturiser, the lotion has a small amount of the tanning ingredient found in self-tanning products, so over time your skin develops a healthy, natural glow.

How do I use it?
Apply the lotion daily as your regular daily moisturiser. You?ll develop a holiday glow, and your skin will feel soft and supple all day!

How long does it take for colour to develop?
After two to three days of application, your skin will feel silky-smooth and you?ll notice a healthy, natural glow. After eight days of regular application, the lotion reaches its upper limit of colour intensity. To maintain this healthy glow, simply apply daily as part of your skin care regime.

How much does it cost?
Johnson?s Holiday Skin Body Lotion costs RRP $6.99 (250mL) and is available from supermarkets, mass outlets and pharmacies.

NEW: Experience a soft, healthy, glowing complexion with Johnson?s Holiday Skin Daily Facial Moisturiser RRP $9.99 (50mL).

COMING SOON: From March, look out for Johnson?s Holiday Skin Body Lotion for ?normal to darker skin? – ideal for darker skin tones, or an even deeper holiday glow RRP $6.99 (250mL).

You?ll also see a new 400mL bottle for Johnson?s? Holiday Skin? Body Lotion RRP $9.99 (400mL).

For more information, contact Johnson & Johnson Consumer Service Centre – 1800 029 979.

? ? Trade Marks Johnson & Johnson

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