Get A Healthy Body With Chi Kung!

April 2, 2001

Chi Kung

What the hell is it? Chi (energy) Kung (skill) is an oriental therapy that combines movement, meditation and visualisation to boost your energy and keep it flowing through your body.

What does it do? It improves physical and mental health. The benefits of meditation include reduced stress, lower blood pressure and better attitude. Excercising the body as well as the mind increases your awareness of where your body needs work and when it needs changes to diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Tai Chi

What the hell is it? Dubbed “moving meditation”. Tai Chi is an ancient exercise from China consisting of relaxed, slow and graceful movements. As you move you focus on your breathing.

What does it do? It eases stress, relieves pain, improves balance and increases your energy, creating a calm and clear mind. With training, Tai Chi can be an effective martial art.

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Win a holiday to Bali