Get confident before you get fit

November 16, 2004

Get confident before you get fit

Take a look at any successful person in any field and you will find that they all believe in themselves and their ability to plan, commit and achieve what they set out to do. Autobiographies on people such as cyclist Lance Armstrong, who recovered from testicular cancer to win the gruelling Tour De France five times, are great examples of confidence and self belief. (His books are a must read for motivation and inspiration)

When we are confident we can find the opportunities to succeed and this leads us to being more enthusiastic and positive which all help you to be a ??winner??
When our confidence is low, we often find the barriers and excuses why not to do something.

Confidence is a mental skill, and just like physical skills, mental skills require practice. Use the tips below to build and maintain your confidence and you will surprise yourself at what you can achieve

Seek support:
Surround yourself with people and friends who lead a healthy lifestyle and peer group pressure will have you copying them in no time. A bad influence in your lifestyle can undo all your hard work and leave you feeling depressed and confused

Handle challenges:
Most people will hit a plateau after 4-6 weeks of training. This is where your results slow to a halt and weight loss stops! Don?t panic, this is normal and it is your body?s way of preparing itself for the next weight loss phase. (If the plateau last more than 3-4 weeks you need to change the variety and intensity of your training to stimulate results) Discipline, consistence and being positive will see you over this hurdle and back on track again

Visualise your new body:
Think about how you would like to look and replay this over and over in your mind. Elite athletes use this technique to create success in their mind and to assist with that ??winning edge??. By picturing your new body in your mind, you will change your mindset and your emotional state

Stay calm:
Stress can lead to overeating, alcohol binges and fatigue. Indulge yourself with spa treatments, yoga, pilates, and massage to help you stay in control.

Focus on the positives:
If you have to attend a party or have a bad day and you overeat on all the wrong foods, learn from your mistake and move on. It?s important to focus on all the improvements you have made in your lifestyle to help you stay on track and be successful

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Dean Piazza is the expert personal trainer on and winner of numerous international triathlons, as well as the founder of the Sydney based organisation,

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