Why You Should Get A Fitness Test

April 3, 2015
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Fitness testing gives people shudders. It brings back awful memories of the beep test and physical education class in terrible gym uniforms and hot sweaty days; or it brings to mind army type tests where you might have to commando crawl through mud and hoist another person over your shoulder. Don’t sweat (mentally, at least) because getting a fitness test really isn’t that bad and is something you should look into.

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Have you ever wondered if the workouts that you do are actually working? You might look great, but are you actually getting fitter and stronger, or are you just losing weight? Completing a fitness test will give an analysis of your strength, flexibility and overall good health, while also giving and indicator of what you need to work on.

Fitness testing can involve a number of elements such as the push up test, the Harvard step test, the wall sit and the plank. Other tests such as squats and bench press can also be added to test where your strengths lie and if you are improving or not. This gives you an idea of what you need to work on and how you can increase your strength.

A fitness test can also go a little more in depth than just that of your physical strength. It can test your internal health and your cardiovascular endurance. Delving into the health side of fitness, such as your medical history, body fat percentage and lifestyle choices can assess where you need to make changes to live a healthier lifestyle.

Completing a fitness test  not only helps you see how healthy you really are, it motivates you to continue to improve yourself and your health. It can also help you assess whether your training plan is working and predict your future performance.

While it may seem daunting, a good fitness test shows you how well you’re doing with your training and lifestyle choices. Besides, who doesn’t want to know what their body fat percentage is.

You can complete a fitness test with your personal trainer or health professional.

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