Get hair extensions for long locks!

July 14, 2009

Always wanted longer hair but just can’t seem to grow it like the celebs? Hair extensions might be your perfect solution!

Great Lengths are a good solution if it’s length or volume you crave. Aussie media personality and Dario Cotroneo Salon client Lizzy Lovette (pictured) is a fan, as is Eva Longoria Parker, Hilary Duff and Ashlee Simpson.

But how much are they and do they damage your hair? We asked expert Michael Mesiti, National Educator for Great Lengths and owner of Mesiti Hair in Bondi Beach, to give us the low-down.

Can anyone get hair extensions?

“Yes providing there is the length of 10cm there already.”

Can they be any length?

“We have four different lengths which we select for different lengths and clients wants and needs and lifestyle so you can tailor then to your needs.”

How much do they cost?

“Anywhere between $450 to $2000 depending on your hair length and thickness and how many you want put in. You can come in for a consultation and we can give you a better guide. They last for between four and 10 months depending on the client. If you look after them they will last longer. It’s a great gift or something for a special occasion.”

How are they attached to your hair?

“Great lengths are a pre-bonded strand. The bond is made up of keratin protein and mimics human hair protecting the clients own hair. It is very durable but looks and feels like normal hair.”

Do they hurt when they are going in?

“No! They should be pain free and comfortable when they are in.”

Are you restricted with them in any way – ie: swimming, dancing, wearing hair back often?

“There are no restrictions whatsoever. You should just treat them as if it grew from your scalp!”

Can they damage your own hair?

“There should be no damage at all if they are done properly because they grow down with your hair. When they are removed your hair should be the way it was before just longer and healthier!”

What are your top tips for caring for your hair with them in?

“Daily brushing is important as is using the correct shampoo and conditioner. Put your hair in a loose plait at night and pop in a moisturising leave-in conditioner.”

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