Get the look: Blake Lively’s Bohemian Side Braid

October 7, 2014

Beautiful girl next door Blake Lively has been rocking a mean side braid lately, and we here at SHESAID think that it’s the perfect look for the warmer weather. Although this is ideal if your hair is medium-long length, you can also try it on layered hair since it will look laid-back and undone.

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1. Divide your hair into two sections, and then simply comb through any knots or tangles. Start from the ends, then gently work your way upwards to the crown. Feel free to pop in any extensions if you feel your hair needs some more volume to work this look, otherwise you can just proceed as usual.

2. Whether your hair is freshly washed or second-day, spray some dry-shampoo at the roots to create some lift and volume.

3. Clip one of the sections off, and work with one side at a time. Apply a bit of texturising spray to your ends, since this will make the look lived-in.

4. Take a small section from the front of your hair, and section it off on the other side. Now divide your hair in two, and start a fish braid on the front section. This doesn’t have to be too tight, it really just depends on how refined you want the look to be.

5. After you’re done with the first fishtail braid, use your fingers to divide the hair for a casual look. Pull it apart at the roots and at the ends. Secure it with a clear hair tie. Do the same with the back section of the hair you previously divided.

6. Now take the 2 completed fishtail braids and use a bobby pin to secure them together in the middle. Do this the entire way down the length of the hair.

7. Take the other section and bring it over the side of hair you were just working on. Smooth it out over the fishtail braids, then do another fishtail using large sections of hair instead.

8. Combine the 3 fishtail braids together, making sure that the biggest is showing at the front. Then secure with another clear elastic. At this point the bobby pins shouldn’t be sticking out, since the final fishtail will be able to conceal any tracks.

9. If you have sectioned off any front bangs, just simply curl the ends and pin over to one side. Tuck in the ends depending on how long your hair is.

10. Use a clip or brooch over the top, since this will tie the entire look together and conceal any bobby pins!

Would you try this look?

Image via Posh 24

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