Get the Look: Cate Blanchett’s Oscars Hair

March 4, 2014

Aussie golden girl Cate Blanchett has stepped it up with her truly gorgeous Oscars hair. The Best Actress winner for Blue Jasmine, Cate looked stunning with her curled glam-style hair and ornate gown.  Celebrity hairstylist Dario Cotroneo shows us how to recreate Cate’s celebrity hairstyle at home.

1. Part your hair into a side parting to the crown, then section from your crown to behind both ears to give three even sections. The starting at the back, spray hair with Straight and Shine Spray by SACHAJUAN and roll hair around MYCURL vertically directing the hair away from your face.  Secure the first strap around the mid-lengths and once the ends are secure then continue rolling the MYCURL to just below the level of your cheekbone before securing the second strap. 

2. Repeat with the same technique on either side of the face directing hair away from the face and securing the 2nd strap below the cheekbone area. Repeat on the right side.

3. Clamp your straightening iron over each MYCURL for 10 seconds then allow hair to cool for 15 minutes. While hair is cooling, use a tail comb to lift the crown area up and spray with Dark Volume Powder by SACHAJUAN, to create more volume while setting.

4. After hair has cooled down, remove all MYCURLs and massage the roots slightly to open up the curl a little. Spray Medium Hairspray by SACHAJUAN onto a makeup brush and glide over the top layer and twist the brush towards the ends to keep them looking polished. Secure with Super Strong Hairspray by SACHAJUAN and sweep to the side.

Visit Dario Cotroneo at dario.com.au.

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