Get The Look: Olivia Palermo’s Bouncy Locks

October 24, 2014

There’s no doubt that Olivia Palermo has one of the best hairstyles in Hollywood. Not only does hair her look amazing, but it probably feels smooth and shiny as well! One of her most popular hairstyles was definitely the lob (growing out a long bob), since her ends were slightly highlighted and beautifully framed her face.

So what are you waiting for? If you have hair just like Olivia’s and want to create a glossy hairstyle without making your hair look super-straight, follow these steps!

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1. Start with hair that has been freshly washed and air-dried. This will give you the ability to work with the natural texture of your own hair, and really tease-out those natural curls.

2. If your hair takes most of the morning to dry, use a hairdryer on a low temperature, and lightly work your way from root to tip.

3. By now your hair should be completely dry, and it’s time to tame those flyaways! Apply a pea-sized amount of any coconut oil to your problem areas. Melt the coconut oil between your fingers, then lightly apply it onto the outside of your hair.

4. To create those enviable bouncy locks that Olivia is well-known for having, concentrate a generous amount of KMS California HAIRPLAY Makeover Spray, ($28.95) to the very ends of your hair. Not only will this make your hair stay in place all day, but it will create lots of texture as well – and won’t leave hair looking or feeling dry.

Image via Pinterest

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