Get The Most From Your Mascara

October 15, 2014

Mascara is one of the most useful beauty products because it can really transform your look, without feeling too over-the-top. Just one coat can instantly bring sad eyes back to life, and and have them feeling rejuvenated for the day ahead.

Read-up on how to get the most out of your mascara with our following beauty tips:

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Clogged applicator

If you feel like your mascara wand is filled with stray lashes, too much product, and just lots of gunk from your eyes, there is an easy way to make it look and feel brand new. Simply run it under hot water until it’s finally clean. Alternatively, you can also clean it up with a makeup wipe.

Brow tint

Use a clean mascara wand (otherwise known as a spoolie) to give your brows a subtle boost of colour. Dip the wand into a matte eyeshadow colour which is close to the shade of your natural brows, then lightly work the product on the centre of your brows then outwards. It’s best to use as little product as possible, since this will make your brows look natural.

Use the entire bottle

Do you ever feel like you’re throwing empty product away in the bin? Just fill a mug with warm water, then place the tube of mascara into it for 5-10 minutes. The heat will soften the mascara, and this will prevent the formula from drying up.

Large lashes

Don’t pay money for eyelash extensions when you can create the same effect with a tube of mascara. Pull the mascara back and forth over the roots of your lashes, and remember to move in slow strokes. Paint each individual lash by turning the applicator wand vertically so it can really give eyelashes a much-needed lift. Don’t forget to lightly coat the bottom lashes, too!

Layer it

Try using two mascaras to enjoy the benefits of each wand, and each formula. Use one mascara for lengthening, and the other for volumising to achieve that full-lash look! However don’t apply too much product, since this can really clump up your lashes, and have them feeling heavy on your eyes.

Avoid transfer

Does anyone else find it difficult to apply their mascara without getting an annoying residue on their eyelids? All you need to do is use a business card (or another small, flat piece of paper), to shield the lid. Now you can coat your lashes without fear of any transfer!

What are some of your favourite mascara tricks?

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