How To Get Ombré Nails At Home

July 23, 2014

The ombré trend has proven to be so popular since nails, lips and clothes have even caught onto the trend. If you’re not aware of this wildly popular option, colour usually fades from darker to lighter tones. Although ombré nails might take a bit of practice, they are definitely achievable if you want to create them yourself at home.

What you need:

Two nail polishes (these colours can be similar, or bold for a clash)

Clear/glossy topcoat

Plastic sheet


1 sponge


1. Start off by washing hands and filing down any unruly nails. Avoid using any moisturisers or serums since this could interfere with the colour. Then paint your nails with the lightest colour, and wait for it to dry completely. This could take anywhere from 5-10 minutes depending on how thick the coat was.

How To Get Ombre Nails At Home

2. On a flat surface, add a few drops of both colours right next to each other. Don’t allow them to completely combine, but make sure they’re touching.

How To Get Ombre Nails At Home

3. Take a toothpick and swirl the two colours together. Confine this just to the area where they meet, since this will determine the ombré colour.

How To Get Ombre Nails At Home

4. Now take the sponge and dab it down onto the polish.

How To Get Ombre Nails At Home

5. Dab the sponge right into the nail – this will create the subtle ombré effect.

How To Get Ombre Nails At Home

6. Remove any excess polish on the finger or cuticle immediately, then just wait until the colour dries before painting a topcoat.

How To Get Ombre Nails At Home

Image via Glamour, Novapopp

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