Get Rid Of That Pimple Fast!

July 11, 2012

Oh great! You’ve woken up with a huge pimple…what to do? Just follow our 3-step guide and you’ll erase that blemish quickly and easily – no balaclava required!

1. Cleanse

You might want to attack that pimple with every cleanser and scrub in your bathroom cabinet but easy does it! You want to cleanse blemishes very gently. Too much product can actually aggravate the area.

We recommend: Oatmeal soap is an ideal product to nip a pimple in the bud: it’s super gentle and the flecks of oatmeal provide just enough exfoliation to kick dirt to the curb.

2. Moisturise

Again, a very simple moituriser is best here. Your fancy creams might be providing too much product – you just want to keep the blemish area hydrated but allowing the pores to breathe.

We recommend: Dermologica Active Moist is a brilliant everyday moisturiser that provides enough hydration without ingredients-overkill.

3. Conceal

Less is more here lovelies! Your instinct might tell you to lay the concealer and foundation on with a trowel but you actually want to do the opposite. Take a super fine concealer brush and dab into a tiny amount of concealer. Now, channel your inner artist and ‘paint’ the blemish away. You often don’t need to apply concealer to the whole pimple: start with the ‘sides’ of the pimple to eliminate any shadow or discolouration, then step back and check out your camouflaging skills. Add a tiny amount more if needed, then stop.

We recommend: Bobbi Brown concealers come in a stack of colours so you can find the perfect colour to match your skintone and disguise those blemishes.

What’s your favourite tip for getting rid of pimples?

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