Get rid of those wrinkles plus more hot nail polishes for summer!

November 30, 2004

Get rid of those wrinkles plus more hot nail polishes for summer!

For many of us, the sun damage has been done. We spend too many hours baking in the sun in our youth. The wrinkles are here to stay, right? Maybe not? We tried the John Plunkett Classic ‘Facelift Serum’ and the John Plunkett Classic ‘Wrinkle Eraser’. Admittedly, the ‘Facelift Serum’ is a strange orange colour and makes face quite sticky once dry (almost like a mask) however the skin feels taut and clean The ‘Wrinkle Eraser’ is very soft and silky on skin and perfect for time wearied skin. The silky feel on the fingertips makes it easy to apply – it makes the skin feel young and alive! Isn’t that what we all want?!
RRP $49.95 John Plunkett Classic ‘Wrinkle Eraser’
RRP $39.95 John Plunkett Classic ‘Facelift Serum’

Beautiful nails
Before you add the polish, you should make sure your nails are healthy and strong. Try the Shines and Shimmers Cuticle Oil. It makes cuticles soft and prevents hangnails. This is a good product for someone suffering from dry, cracked or parched cuticles and helps cuticles get back to normal and has a light pleasant scent. If you need your nails to strengthen, the CosPlus Nail Hardener is a great product to get them up to scratch. The enriched aloe vera formula prevents splitting and forms a protective coat with a gloss finish. Perfect to add your favourite summer colours!
RRP $13.95 Shines and Shimmers Cuticle Oil. Call 03 9557 8827 or 0417 659 699 for stockist information.
RRP $13.50 CosPlus Nail Hardener

Nail Polishes
Napoleon Chandelier Shine Nail Polish is a new release. As you can glean from the title, it’s a shiny, glossy collection but the best thing is the durability! It lasted a week and a half on the feet without chipping at all! The David Jones Fast Dry Enamel is a great every day nail polish as it does exactly what is says, it drys fast and is of a smooth consistency. May get away with only one coat of some colours which is great if you are in a hurry to rush out the door! Cheap and cheerful!
RRP $9.95 David Jones Fast Dry Enamel
RRP $15 Napoleon Chandelier Shine Nail Polish from Napoleon Concept Stores and David Jones.

The Bloom Nail Polish is a quality nail polish ? only needs 2 coats but goes on perfectly with no lumps or bumps or streaking and has a high gloss factor that ensures your nails look glamorous and glossy ? perfect for night and day! Another good product is Clarins. This nail polish is a luxourius texture, has a delicate shimmer to it, nothing overwhelming and even has elements in it that help strengthen your nails while they look sensational! What more could a girl want?
RRP $28 Clarins Nail Polish
RRP $12 Bloom Nail Polish from Myer, David Jones and selected Bloom Stockists

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