Get Set For Jet Set: Holiday Skin Survival

October 1, 2014
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As the holidays loom ever closer, regular business traveller and MD of GAIA Skin Naturals Australia, Michelle Vogrinec, shares with us her routine for ‘Skin Survival before Arrival’:

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Water works

“The pressurised air in a plane’s cabin can often leave your skin feeling dehydrated and dry through moisture evaporation – particularly if your skin is already dry. So if I know I’ll be flying out in the next few days, the first thing I do is up my water intake in advance to keep my skin hydrated from the inside out. Prevention is always better than cure!” Michelle says.

“Then once I’m in the air, I avoid inflight drinks as alcohol only further dehydrates the skin – and choose pure water and herbal teas instead. This leads to the great exercise of getting up and down to the bathroom, which is perfect for stretching your legs!”

The pack is back

“I also make sure I pack my ‘carry-on’ bag with miniature bottles of anything I might need in-flight – cleanser, refreshing toner sprays, moisturiser etc.  These can then be used for when I’m away – no need for an extra bulky toiletries bag.  I always choose refillable bottles in a clear pack which will comply with the government’s laws for liquids on international flights.  If needed I can always top up with full-sized bottles from my checked luggage – depending on how long I’m going for,” she said.

Don’t just say it, spray it

“The stresses of jetlag and lack of sleep can send your hormones a little haywire which may contribute to breakouts or blotchiness.  To cool, soothe and hydrate skin in flight, I take a leaf out of the REX Airlines flight attendant’s book and spritz on a natural floral water tonic.   Preferably choose something containing calendula and/or green tea. Organic green tea and organic calendula extracts soothe, detoxify and tone while balancing, softening and refreshing skin,” Michelle said.

The no gripe wipe

“To keep skin clean, make-up smudges to a minimum and excess oil at bay, I never leave home with my trusty travel wipes. They’re suitable to use on face, hands – everywhere – to keep you staying fresh.  But be warned – these will be popular with other travellers – so be prepared for requests to ‘share a spare’,” Michelle said.

Snore and restore

“Finally, getting as much ‘shut-eye’ as I can, helps my skin restore and repair itself naturally.  So I pop on my eye mask, and a few meditation tracks, and let my skin do its own work,” says Michelle.

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