Get Started Creating Your Very Own She Space

October 8, 2012

Author Tracey Jewel shares 4 practical inspirations to get started creating a space just for you to be yourself, a place to restore and revive – your very own ‘she space’! Men for too long have had their dedicated escape space – the he-shed! But it
can be hard for us as women to find our very own she space in the home. Here’s how to get started:

1. Decide what you want from your she space

Before you begin, think about what the intention is for your space. What are you
seeking to feel and be in this space and how do you want to use it. Do you want to:

* Create a private space for meditation, yoga or reflection?

* Create a space to inspire creative passions or hobbies?

* Designate a shared space for connecting with others or recreation?

* Creating a space for worship, rituals or other spiritual work?

2: Find inspiration in what you love

Make your she space personal. Choose what tastes, sounds, smells, looks and feels
good to you. Choose objects that give you energy, inspire you or help you get into
the ritual of your meditation, prayer, creative or other pursuits.

3: Decide where you should locate your she space

You can create your sacred space:

* Where you can see it easily— a special object of meaning—across from your bed,
a desk, on a bookshelf that is open and available to you

* As a small part of any room — whether it’s a single meaningful object, an
arrangement or an altar

* Wherever you have room — if not an entire room, then a corner of a room (dividing
screens are perfect for this)

* In a secluded area — such as a spare room or attic/basement as long as this a
space you can connect with and create your space in

* In the garden — a section just for you or inter-space which is half inside/half outside
(alfresco or courtyard)

4: Decide on the kinds of items you should include in your space

What items do you already own or need to have that speak to you, inspire you and
moves you to spend time in this space?

*? Mementos: objects that are meaningful to you

?* Talismans: symbols and items of peace and inner power

?* Art—your own creative works or friends, collections or pieces that speak to you

?* Photographs of loved ones and special places

?* Stones, shells and other nature elements collected from special places

?* Candles, incense and other aromatherapy

?* The five senses as colour, light, textures, patterns, water fountains, sound such as
chimes and music

*? Living nature such as plants and flowers

?* Personal spiritual items such as books, statutes, tarot and the like

5: Use your power of intuition

She space starts with a desire within yourself. Remember that this space is yours. Trust your intuition and lead from your heart which will show you the way to creating your own space. See where it
takes you!

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