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How To Get Supermodel Eyebrows

How To Get Supermodel Eyebrows

Amy Erbacher

Have you ever experienced extreme eyebrow envy with supermodels Cara Delevingne, Bambi Northwood-Blyth and Jennifer Hawkins? Help is at hand, dear reader, to help you get supermodel eyebrows thanks to Veet Beauty Director and skin health expert Amy Erbacher (pictured). Eyebrows are crucial for an overall chic, polished look this winter, because they accentuate your facial features, make your eyes pop and frame your face.

To start, Amy’s top tools of the trade include Veet’s Face Precision Wax and Care, a great pair of sharp tweezers like Tweezerman and Becca Cosmetics Brow Shaping Gel in clear. Next up, it’s time for action.

Veet’s 3 simple steps to achieving perfect symmetrical brows:

Step 1

With pencil or brow brush, line this up directly with your nostril (nasal fold) – that’s where your eyebrow should start – and make a small point.

Step 2

Continue with tool and place at the end of the nasal fold and angle tool to the centre of your iris – this is where your eyebrow should arch.

Step 3

Take tool to the outside corner of eye and leave a mark – that’s where your eyebrow should end. Next, place your tool under the brows to see if the start and end of your eyebrows align with each other. Before you go ahead and wax, lightly fill brows in with a pencil in swift, feathery movements.

After drawing your desired shape, brush upwards by using a brush or comb to create more lift and volume. Then, proceed to wax!

Top waxing tips

  • Keep it simple; work with what you were born with.
  • Always perform a patch test if you’ve not used a product before, then wait 24 hours and if you have had no adverse reactions, then proceed to wax.
  • Relax your face when shaping eyebrows to keep to natural shape.
  • During the styling process, step away from the mirror from time-to-time to ensure you have a fresh set of eyes and don’t overdo it.
  • Pluck the odd, stray hair to maintain tidiness in between brow waxes every 4-6 weeks, but don’t pick at them too much otherwise your hair will grow at different stages, causing uneven brows.

How To Get Supermodel EyebrowsHow to get the Bambi

The Bambi is a natural, full brow left unruly.

Waxing guide

Keep brows simple and only wax and tweeze a few stray hairs underneath.


  • Start by brushing brows upwards for a natural shape.
  • Apply gel to an angled brush and then to the brows in feathery, swift movements; fill in the gaps. To finish, brush the eyebrows upwards, using a clear gel.

How to get the Jennifer

The Jennifer sees brows softly angled and a thicker shape.

Waxing guide 

The brow starts full and thick and then tapers towards the temple.


  • Brush eyebrows upward and groom into shape using a comb.
  • To create more of a defined look under the brow, apply a slightly darker shade of powder. Tap excess off onto a tissue, so you don’t get that harsh line.
  • Don’t press too hard – use light, feathery and swift movements to fill them in.
  • With a sharp pencil, continue to fill in the hairs with the direction of hair growth and define the end of brow where it tapers off towards the temple.
  • Apply a clear gel to keep stray hairs in place.

How To Get Supermodel Eyebrows

How to get the Cara

The Cara is a modern brow icon of today – it’s a strong, bold brow.

Waxing guide

Wax underneath the eyebrows to remove fluff, define the slight brow arch and tweeze out any stray hairs.


  • With a brush, comb brows upwards for a natural shape.
  • Apply pencil and a tinted gel two-to-three shades darker than your natural brow colour.
  • To define the shape, apply pencil underneath the brows, then continue towards the end of the brow, where they taper towards the end of the eye.
  • Apply a clear mascara wand brush, then clear eyebrow gel through to finish brow.
  • If you want to achieve darker brows, add colour slowly, so you don’t overdo it.  If you make a mistake, gently use your brow comb to brush it out, or a pointed cotton tip to erase.
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