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Get The Look: Alexander Wang’s Supermodel Straight Hair

Get The Look: Alexander Wang’s Supermodel Straight Hair

Alexander Wang wowed the audience at his NY Fashion Week Fall/Winter show, sending supermodels Gisele Bundchen and Carmen Kass down the runway in chic, modern clothes and super sleek hair. Here’s how Redken Creative Consultant Guido created the hair in 4 easy steps:

The inspiration:

“When designing his collection, Alexander is very in tune to the details and designs for the girl today, and we wanted the hairstyle to reflect that as well. It’s a very simple look, an easy down style with a center part and hair tucked behind the ears. It’s a very wearable hairstyle as well – straightforward and effortless,” Guido.

1. On damp hair, apply Redken satinwear 02 ultimate blow-dry lotion all over to create the foundation for the style and blow-dry the hair until about 80% dry.

2. Create a very clean centre part.

3. Apply Redken outshine 01 anti-frizz polishing milk from the mid-lengths to ends and let hair air dry the remaining 20% to bring out the natural texture. The outshine 01 will prevent that hair from frizzing as it dries.

4. When dry, tuck the hair behind the ears.

Are you a fan of super straight hair?

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