Get The Look: Alice McCall’s Elegantly Messy Ponytails

April 12, 2013

“With the look this year we wanted to capture the idea that the girls arebeautiful underwater creatures. This translated in hair that was slightly wet and glossy and dishevelled in texture. Low slung ponytails, knotted haphazardly, with hair sweeping over the brows to give the illusion that the girls have just emerged from under water,” hair director Sophie Roberts for ghd.

1. Evenly distribute a mixture of ghd total volume foam and ghd smooth & finish serum to the hair, starting from the roots and working down towards the ends.

2. Comb hair using a ghd detangling comb into a rough side part that sweeps over the forehead.

3. Lightly ‘scrunch dry’ hair using ghd air.

4. Gather hair into a low slung ponytail at the back of the head and secure with an elastic, allowing it to blouse out at the nape of the neck.

5. Separate the ponytail into small sections and create waves in each section using ghd eclipse and ghd final fix hairspray for added hold and texture.

6. Create random knots and twists at the end of the ponytail, securing with a fine silicon elastic.

7. Gently pull hair away from the elastic at the hairline to encourage flyaways for a slightly disheveled finish.

8. Finish with ghd final shine spray for extra shine.

What do you think of the hair at Alice McCall SS13 at MBFWA?

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