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August 13, 2002

SheSaid holds the key to getting the look. The rest will follow. Whether you’re an “I only wear black” girl or a curvaceous denim babe we’ve got a look for you. Follow these stylish, grown-up girl’s looks and you’ll find they are reliable resources when it comes to the rules of attraction. These five looks are guaranteed for optimum success for getting a good clean look that not only works, but also suits your mood. In order to attract the right attention, you’ve got to emphasis the positives. Here’s how.The Blues

When really pushed about what he loves to see his girl in a man will often say “I love her in jeans and a t-shirt.” You, in a great pair of blue jeans can really make his day. The good news from us is that designers are constantly reinventing denim at the moment so us gals will never get tired of it. We love the denim skirts at Witchery with a sweater on top. Marcs uniform style denim is worth a look at too. If your investing in jeans at the moment-the word is faded. Faded and tight. Melbourne label Roy is doing an interesting take on faded and their jeans are hot. They get the exact shade of late eighties faded denim absolutely right.

The Fitted Leg

If you’ve got legs, then, as the saying goes, ‘learn how to use them’. The fitted leg trouser is great for legs that go all the way to the top. You’re lucky too, because this Spring we will be looking to the more flattering and narrow trouser shape. Try it on in the ultra-hip man-style that has more of a relaxed fit or go for the leaner, straight all the way down style and on the top. The loose top is coming back. If you want to go the way of the trouser we love Morrissey and Armani. Wayne Cooper and Prada are getting the slimmer fit absolutely right – of course! The fitted leg trouser has a sexy edge. Bonus – it has the added advantage of making the wearer look taller. Also check out Portmans and Witchery store nationally. Their cuts are great and are priced to please…

Suit Up

It’s a fact. Men love a girl in a suit but sometimes It’s a hard look to get right. Being well suited is all about the attitude. If you’re going to wear one, wear it well. Whether your suit is the tighter fit trouser with a waistcoat or the pencil skirt with high, high heels and a teeny, tiny jacket, the suit is about getting dressed up. The jacket this season is narrow and cut to make the waist look smaller and those shoulders stronger. The skirt is definitely below the knee. This is good news for those of us with less than perfect knees! If you want to go white, check out Portman’s window nationally. Morrissey is doing a very sexy pencil skirt and jacket and we luuurve Dolce & Gabbana’s white corduroy pantsuit.

Patchwork Princess

In this new age where “I made it myself” is a cool thing to say and every second girl wants to be an arts and craft aficionado, the word of the week is patchwork. It’s going to be big, so get hold of it now. Kooky and eclectic, the patches will make you stand out. It’s an easy way to capture that bohemian “Oh this old thing? I made it myself style.” It’s all vibrancy and circus glamour. Brisbane label Easton and Pearson have come up with a loose top, patchwork style. Dolce and Gabbana, Marni and Circus Girls have gone for texture and random patches in some of their new season styles. Checkout Sportsgirl nationally for their take on colour and patches this season.

Black is Back

A touch of Gothic is a good look. Dramatic and eye-catching, all black can really turn heads if it’s worn correctly. For a start, it’s a good idea to wear the same black. You might think no one would notice that the black on top is a slightly different black to the one on the bottom, but it can take away from the effect. Black is a focus next season, so sort yours out now. We love moody Gothic and Victorian, but when you do it, do it subtly. You don’t want to look like an extra from a B-grade vampire flick. Gucci is the master of black. Lisa Ho has simple and elegant black. Witchery is going to be good for black pieces this season. Buy a cross to wear around your neck, kohl your eyes and weave some of your Gypsy charm his way.

Boot tip

The word is tough and the word is the motorcycle boot. Seen backstage on models in many different forms – heavier soles and black. They are the kind of boots you could go for a long ride in. The trick to the top is hippie chic in deep crimsons and lilacs, textured skirts and once again – below the knee. Our tip for motorcycle cool is Zomp shoes or Scooter nationally.

Bag it

The bag has gone and we don’t know where. The more interesting your bag, the better. The clutch, the bowling bag and the oh-so-organised carry-all has gone. The bag has to be stitched, lovingly hand-worked or covered in exotic embroidery. Go figure! We love Wayne Cooper’s white sack. We also love the selection at David Jones. Unique and unplaceable. Everyone will wonder where you got it.

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