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Get The Look: Asher Keddie’s Cute Bun In 3 Steps

Get The Look: Asher Keddie’s Cute Bun In 3 Steps

Gorgeous Aussie actress Asher Keddie brought a touch of old Hollywood to the ASTRA Awards red carpet this week, wearing a stunning floor length gown and cut bun hairstyle. Here’s how to get the look in 4 easy steps.

1. To begin, part your hair to the side and braid a section of hair along your hairline (if you can’t braid as an alternative simply plait or twist the hair). Twist the end of your hair and secure it with a Scunci Grooming Bobby Pin.

2. To style a basic bun just pull your hair together at the nape of the neck, and begin twirling the hair around. Scunci Pin Twirls are especially perfect for a loose style of bun exact to Asher’s. All you have to do is twirl them into the bun in a circular motion making sure none of them connect and your hair will stay in place all night long.

3. To finish the look, lightly spritz the hair with a flexible hold hair spray.

Are you a fan of Asher Keddie’s hairstyle?

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