Get The Look: Carey Mulligan’s Grown Out Crop In 2 Steps

June 1, 2011
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Get The Look: Carey Mulligan’s Grown Out Crop In 2 Steps

You know how it is: you brave it and cut your hair short, and then it starts to grow out and look, well, meh. The trend this season is for sexy, loose curls that look both natural and effortless. Here’s how to turn that boring bob into a stylish winter crop using Remington styling tools.

Perfect for use on shorter styles, the Express Set 10 set of hot rollers features ten individual rollers in two sizes.

1. Simply take small sections of hair and wrap around the velvety soft Express Set 10 rollers, securing with a clip or pin.

2. Leave to cool and remove. Lovely curls in just minutes

Stylist’s tip: use rollers through the centre part to create volume in your style.

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Tools used: Remington Express Set 10 H1080N RRP $43.95.

Are you a fan of Carey’s grown out crop?

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