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Get The Look: Delta’s Bouncy Curls in 5 Steps

Get The Look: Delta’s Bouncy Curls in 5 Steps

Delta Goodrem captured everyone’s attention on the Logies red carpet this week with her huge smile and bouncy blonde locks. Here’s how to get her voluminous curls in 5 easy steps:

1. Start by blow-drying your clean, damp hair upside down to encourage volume.

2. Before you start curling, lightly tease the hair underneath using Scunci’s Grooming Lift and Style Comb.

3. Next, grab your Scunci Grooming Velcro Rollers and roll sections of hair from the bottom all the way to the top of your crown. Once all sections are done, lightly spritz the bits of hair which are exposed with hairspray, and then leave the rollers in for a few hours to let the hair set. To speed up the curling process use a blow-dryer over the rollers.

?4. After an hour take the rollers out and run your fingers through your hair to gently separate the curls. To finish the look, spray a good amount of flexible hold hairspray onto your hair.

5. For a truly glamorous look, pull back two pieces of hair from the front of your head and loosely pin them back with the Scunci Effortless Beauty Diamante Bobby Pins.

Are you a fan of Delta Goodrem’s hairstyle?

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