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Get The Look: Diane Kruger’s Chic Ponytail

Get The Look: Diane Kruger’s Chic Ponytail

Ponytails are the easiest hairstyle in the world, but with a few tricks you can turn this lazy day staple into a chic do, just like Diane Kruger at Cannes in May. Here’s how to get the look in 4 easy steps.

1. The first step after washing your hair is to apply a thermal protector and blow-dry roughly to create volume.

2. Softly curl your hair with Scunci’s Medium sized Foam Rollers to create volume so that the ponytail doesn’t look flat.

3. Pull the hair into a high ponytail using the Scunci Evolution No Slip Grip Hair Elastics. Once the hair has been pulled back, backcomb the top gently with Scunci’s Lift and Style Comb to create the desired look.

4. To finish spray your preferred flexible hold hair spray into your hands and work through the length of the ponytail.

Are you a fan of Diane Kruger’s chic ponytail?

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