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Get The Look: Dianna Agron’s Braided Up Do

Get The Look: Dianna Agron’s Braided Up Do

Not only did our heart skip a beat over Dianna Agron’s gorgeous raspberry gown at this week’s SAG Awards, but her adorable fish-trail braided up do is is our new favourite fun hairstyle.

Braids and plaits add texture to the hair, turning a simple hairstyle into something to envy. If you haven’t quite mastered how to plait a fish braid, just opt for a basic plait.

1. To begin the up-do take a section from the front of your hair, on either side of your head and begin plaiting. Then wrap the plait around the front of the head like a crown.

2. Secure at the back of your hair using bobby pins such as Scunci’s No Slip Grip Split Bobby Pins.

3. To get Dianna’s messy look, gently tease pieces of your hair out of the plait using Scunci’s Grooming Lift and Style Comb.

4. Use the Scunci Expandable Jaw Clip to gather the remaining hair at the back of your head, twisting it into a bun. Again gently pull out strands of your hair to achieve the messy, romantic look. To finish, lightly spritz the hair with a flexible hold hairspray.

Are you a fan of Dianna Agron’s braided hairstyle?

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