Get The Look: Georgio Armani Autumn/Winter Makeup

March 15, 2011

Get The Look: Georgio Armani Autumn/Winter Makeup

The inspiration:

“A new femininity. A contrast between soft satiny dusty pinks on eyes, lips and cheekbones, with a contemporary take on eyeliner, two black parallel lines worn under the eye as opposed to on top. Strength and softness. A sensual new vision for women,” says backstage makeup artist Linda Cantello.

Get The Look:


1. Prepare the skin with Crema Nera and apply Fluid Master Primer.

2. Mix on top of your hand High Precision Concealer number 2 and Fluid Sheer number 2. Dab some of the texture on forehead, cheeks and chin. Massage into the skin working from the middle of the face towards the outside.

3. Highlights: dab highlights with finger on cheekbones, temples, nose, chin. Rework cheekbones going inwards under the eyes.

4. Contour: smudge under cheekbones with Smooth Silk Eyebrow Pencil number 3 (taupe) and dab with fingers to fade it into the skin.


1. On eyes create a shadow between the mobile lid and the arc as a half circle from outward to inward with Smooth Silk Eyebrow pencil (taupe).

2. With a flat brush apply Rouge d’Armani number 100 on lid towards the arc over the shadow created before. Swipe the flesh tone and champagne shades from Maestro Eye Shadow Quad number 2 – from the lid up to the eyebrows.

3. Using a supple smaller brush apply the same flesh and champagne shades from the Maestro Eye Shadow Quad under the eyes on the outside corners and on the inside corners.

4. Using a black pencil draw a clean line inside the eyes. With a black eyeliner draw a straight line from the outside corner of the eyes outward. Create a second straight line starting from the bottom line of the eyes. Make the junction between the eyeline line and the bottom lashes. The two eyeliner lines should be parallel.

5. Curl the upper lashes and apply Eyes To Kill Excess Mascara number 1 (black) to top lashes only.


1. Dab a mixture of Rouge d’Armani Beige 100.

To finish:

For a perfect finish powder the t-zone lightly with a large brush using Luminous Silk Powder number 2.

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