Get The Look: How To Style Medium-Length Hair

July 22, 2011

Get The Look: How To Style Medium-Length Hair

It’s all about texture and a hint of high fashion for new season hair looks, with Cloud Nine Creative Director Lauren McCowan interpreting the latest styles for every length of lock. This season, it’s time to work with your individual texture, enhancing it to a supernatural state with great tools and products.

Tousled bed-head long bob

How to:

1. Take long vertical sections starting at the nape and using your Cloud Nine Classic or Cloud Nine Wide Iron, style at 150 degrees.

2. To create that gorgeous, deconstructed texture in this hair length, hold the iron vertically at the roots and give the iron a half turn in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. As you move through the sections, continue to alter the way you rotate iron.

3. Finish by tipping the head upside down and brushing through the wave to create beautiful but fresh modern texture.


Your Cloud Nine iron does not need to be on high heat to achieve this look. Give your hair some love and turn your iron down to 150 degrees to create this look.
For extra lift and natural volume through the roots, direct the iron up and out
towards the sky before rotating the gliding it through the section.

Celebrity inspiration:

* Freha Beja

* Abbey Lee Kershaw

* Olivia Palermo

Do you have medium-length hair? How do you style it?

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