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Get The Look: Katherine Heigl’s Soft Curl Bob

Get The Look: Katherine Heigl’s Soft Curl Bob

The hottest trend in short hairstyles is waves, as seen on Katherine Heigl on the red carpet lately. Celebrity hairstylist Carey Robertson has tended to the tresses of some of Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies and lads including Matt Damon, and Annette Bening, and created this gorgeous look for Katherine.

“Katherine Heigl is sporting my favorite new flavor of the month for short hair…waves! It’s the triple threat: sexy, silky and sassy. This style is the perfect blend of ‘Old Hollywood’ and ‘new wave cool’. The best part is how VS Sassoon has made it so easy to achieve with the must-have tool, Wave Envy.”

1.  Prep the hair before blow-drying with a blow dry serum to boost color and shine. After making a deep side part use a 3 inch round brush to dry the hair using your VS Sassoon Academy Tools Dryer at a 90 degree angle from the roots through the ends.

2. To create gorgeous, long lasting waves use your VS Sassoon Wave Envy. It’s has 3 heat settings 160°, 180° and 200°C suitable for different hair types so be sure to set your iron temperature to your hair type, the more delicate your hair condition, the lower the heat setting.

3. Start by taking long thin horizontal sections starting from the base of your head working upwards in a brick lay pattern, pressing the hair between the ceramic plate and barrels. The ceramic technology heats hair evenly for a silky, smooth finish so the effect is great. The closer to the scalp you get the more volume you will create. However, stay at least an inch away from the scalp for the sections along the parting for a more natural looking fall.

4.  To frame the face use diagonal forward sections of hair, while lining up the iron parallel to your parting to create a soft sweeping motion away from the face.

5.  To finish: Work a medium hold styling cream into your hands and fingers while twisting small sections of hair around your fingers to create separation in the waves. Finish with a working spray, which keeps the waves pliable and bouncy.

Expert Tip: For fuller body and less uniformity, alternate wave direction by inverting the iron with every other section.

Style Secret: You don’t have to have short hair to achieve this look. You can work on the mid sections of your hair upwards and tuck the ends under and pin. The effect is a short bob – Nicole Kidman has been doing it for years and it always looks good.

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