Get The Look: Katy Perry’s Old Hollywood Hair

December 1, 2011

Whether you have long or short hair, Katy Perry’s sleek 1920’s hairstyle in the ghd Christmas poster is the perfect look for sexy soirees and summer parties. Here’s how to get the look in 7 easy steps.

Step 1:
Place your thumbs at your temples and pull hair up and away from your face leaving you with two sections. Clip the top section on the top of your head to keep it out of the way whilst styling the lower section.

Step 2:

Working on the lower section of your hair, take a small horizontal section and brush smooth using the ghd Oval Dressing Brush.

Step 3:
Lift the section and place the ghd Gold Classic styler at the roots running it through to the ends of your hair. For the best effect, turn the styler a quarter turn as you move it down the hair – this will give a nice round shape to your hair and add volume. Follow this process throughout the back and sides of the lower section of hair.

Step 4:
Clip the lower section of the hair to the side then release the top section of hair from the clip. To achieve the strong wave at the front, take a diagonal section about an inch thick or so from the parting to just behind the ear. Split this section into two starting just above the ear.

Step 5:
On the first section, loop the hair as desired, then place the loop between the styler plates and gently clamp for 5-10 seconds.

Step 6:
Repeat this around the whole curve of the loop and clip in place as you go to keep the shape. Continue this right through to the ends so that you have a strong wave shape. Repeat this process on the second section.

Step 7:
Remove the clips holding the wave and with the ghd Oval Dressing Brush, gently brush and smooth the waves through the back and sides. To finish, smooth and shape the remainder of the top section as per step 1, turning the styler a quarter turn as you move it down the hair giving a nice round shape to your hair. Finish with ghd Style Final Fix Hairspray.

Are you a fan of Katy Perry’s Old Hollywood hair?

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