Get The Look: Kim Kardashian’s Ballerina Bun Hairstyle

Celebrity hairstylist Eric Sebbag shares his tips for recreating Kim Kardashian’s elegant ballerina bun.

“This look is one of the most youthful and fashion forward styles of the moment. Not only does it look fresh during the day, but if you add some high gloss shine to the hair and dramatic make-up, it’s classically elegant at night too. Best of all, it’s incredibly easy to recreate in minutes and perfect for a girl-on-the-go or a busy new mum like Kim!”

1. Wash your hair and gently towel dry, removing 80% of the moisture. Lightly coat hair with a hair serum for extra shine.

2. The secret to this look is to start off with perfectly blow-dried hair for that smooth polished ballerina look. Start by dividing your hair into 6 sections.  Starting with the front sections, wrap the hair around a large round bristle brush. Place your VS Sassoon Venezia 2400 AC Professional Dryer and, using the thinnest nozzle attachment at the root of the hair, gently pull the brush up and back away from your face, moving the dryer as you do. Repeat over each section until hair is completely dry.

The VS Sassoon Venezia 2400 AC Dryer is the favourite tool of professional hair stylists because of its powerful AC motor and ultra-compact design (only 16.5cm in length and weighing only 490 grams), meaning no more sore wrists! It also comes with a choice of two concentrator nozzles for precision, high gloss styling.

3. Put your hair in a super high, tight ponytail using an elastic that matches your hair.

4. Pull your ponytail through a bun maker, also known as a bun foundation sponge. Try to find one in a colour that matches your hair colour. We recommend the Scunci Bun Maker, RRP $9.95.

5.  Fan out your hair evenly around the bun maker and take another elastic matching your hair colour and tie it around the hair at the base of the bun maker.

6. Stick and wrap the hair under the bun maker and bobby pin securely in place.

Expert tip: When creating the ponytail, for that flawless ballerina finish, spray hair with a shine boosting hairspray and gently comb back for a polished high gloss look.


What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s ballerina bun hairstyle?

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