Get The Look: Lisa Ho’s Defined Hair Partings

April 11, 2013

The inspiration

“Inspired by Helmut Newton’s power of women, hair is sleek and sophisticated with graphic lines. Defined hair partings and customised midnight blue hairpieces blend into the hair with a blunt finish,” Alan White, ghd Hair Director.

1. Prep damp hair with ghd total volume foam and evenly disperse throughout hair.

2. Blow dry hair using ghd air, drying hair backwards and away from the face.

3. Section hair from the middle of the recession using the ghd tail comb to create a triangle shape.

4. Pull the remaining side sections of hair into a sleek, low ponytail and secure with a clear elastic band.

5. Attach a coloured hair piece by pinning it onto the elastic of the ponytail.

6. Apply ghd smooth and finish serum to the side sections to avoid flyaways.

7. Take the front section and gently back-comb hair to create volume.

8. Use the ghd eclipse to smooth out the loose sections of hair.

9. Finish with ghd final fix hairspray.

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