Get The Look: Mid-Length Chic

October 5, 2012

Mid-length hair can be a drag to style, but the clever hair stylists at ghd show us how to create a chic look with plenty of movement that’s perfect for day to night. Here’s how to get the look in just a few easy steps.

1. Apply ghd Style Root Lift Spray to the roots and
ghd Style Curl Hold Spray to the full length of
the hair to give some substance. This is normally
applied to dry hair, however using it in wet hair gives
extra support for the texture we are looking for.

2. Smooth the hair out by drying with ghd air on a
slow setting, using your fingers to lift and move
the hair, keeping the whole feeling of nonchalance –
no particular parting or direction, just getting the
hair dry.

3. Bring ghd air up to maximum speed once the
hair is 80% dry and really start working with the
ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush to get the
ends smooth.

4. Take a section from the top of the ear going back
to the centre nape and clip away excess hair.
Take your ghd Gold Classic Styler, placing it in a
few inches from the root and rotate, pulling down
through the length, gently turning the ends away
from the face. Continue working up the head,
leaving some natural hair in between.

5. As we come up to the top of the head, change to
the ghd Gold Max styler to curl. Try to use slightly
different turns and speed to get natural variation in
the wave, but always twisting away from the face.
Once the styler has gone through, hold the hair
straight using a little tension and let it cool a bit
before releasing to create a wave, not a severe curl.

6. Use the ghd Oval Dressing Brush to brush through
the hair to create softness and blend the waves.

7. To finish, apply ghd Style Final Fix Hairspray in to
the palms then apply, breaking up the roots for a
dishevelled, unkempt feel.

How do you style mid-length hair?

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