Get The Look: Sexy 60’s Hair From RAFW

May 3, 2011

Get The Look: Sexy 60’s Hair From RAFW

The Inspiration:

This sexy, 60’s-inspired hair – as seen on the catwalks for Day 1 of Rosemount Australia Fashion Week – is much easier to achieve that you might think! Here’s how Redken hair direct Richard Kavanagh creates the look.

Get The Look:

1. Blast dry the hair until it is dry to the touch.

2. Apply a generous amount of New Redken Full Effect 04 to the hair, section by section. TIP: For thick locks, it may be ideal to ‘double mousse’ the hair with Full Effect 04 for a better hold.

3. Once again blast dry the hair and divide into large sections before applying
Redken Wool Shake 08 in order to texturise the hair.

4. Pull back into a low chingnon using your hands, leaving the fringe out.

5. Comb the fringe to one side, creating a flat, solid part which just kisses the eyelids. Secure with Redken Forceful 23 hairspray.

6. Finish by lightly pulling at the crown as to create detailed height to the hair.

Are you a fan of this hairstyle?

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