Get The Look: Sexy Goddess Hair At Camilla SS13

April 15, 2013

We’re loving this sexy, bohemian hair as seen at the Camilla SS13 show at MBFWA by Goldwell. Prema for Goldwell® Hair Director Jenny Kim wanted the hair to reflect the natural earthiness of the collection while also showing the strength of the Camilla woman.

The inspiration

“For the 2013 Camilla show, we wanted to showcase a free spirited woman, who was one with nature and a bohemian at heart but we also wanted bring a refined edge to her which is how we came to the silky sheen in the hair. There was a desire to use contrasting tones in the hair and I thought it would be interesting to take that contrast a step further and use colors that were rich and earthy which brought a luxurious component to the tones of the collection.”

1. Prepare the hair by spraying Goldwell® StyleSign® Just Smooth® moisturising styling milk from root to ends.

2. Dry the hair and create volume at the roots while stretching and smoothing the ends.

3. Create a clean parting down the middle of the entire head all the way back to the nape.

4. Starting a half-inch away from the parting, create another section all the way back to the top of the occipital bone. Repeat on the other side.

5. Take all the hair below this section on both sides and smooth back into a clean tight ponytail at the very base of the hairline and spray flat with Goldwell® StyleSign® Sprayer hair lacquer.

6. Glue a coloured hairpiece in front of the ear at a 45 degree angle. Glue a piece the same size at the top of the sprayed down section, right to the hairline. Repeat on the other side.

7. Glue in the sewn together hairpieces on the back of the head along the top of the sprayed down section, from ear to ear.

8. Drop the top section down, fill and create length with matching natural hairpieces.

9. Flat iron the hair with Goldwell® StyleSign® Sleek Perfection thermal spray serum.

10. Finish off the hair with Goldwell® StyleSign® Diamond Gloss micro-fine shine spray to add shine.

11. Cut the ends of the hair straight.

Are you a fan of the Camilla bohemian hair?

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