Get The Look: The Mod Bob

April 10, 2012

Robin Watson Hamilton has worked her magic on some of the biggest stars in the world, from sexy Scarlett Johansson to hilarious Joan Rivers. VS Sassoon Ambassador Kathryn Eisman got the scoop on this sexy celebrity hairstyle!

I was lucky enough to have her work her magic on me, while filming my new series in NYC, where she gave the 411 on creating “The Mod Bob”, inspired by everyone’s fave ‘new girl Zooey Deschanel, at the Golden Globes.

“This retro inspired hairstyle is making a huge impact in Hollywood because it perfectly compliments the 60’s inspired fashions dominating the red carpet and has the perfect mix of naughty and nice, think catholic school girl with a sexy twist,” said Robin.

How to:

1. Roughly blow dry hair until damp, then add volumising mouse to the roots.

2. Divide your hair into four sections; the fringe, the top of your head, and the two sides.

3. Starting at one of your side sections, divide it into rows of hair, each the same width as your styling tool. Place your VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler under each row and switch on so the rotating brush wraps hair around its bristles lengthening and straighten and curling hair under as it dries. The rotating motorized brush combined with hair dryer can be held in one hand giving you total styling control.

4. Once the sides are done, repeat on the crown of your head. For maximum volume and that modified “beehive effect” at the root, angle the tool under the hair to insure hair is being stretched up towards the ceiling as it dries.

5. Hold the Big Hair Styler at the ends for 60 seconds, angling the hair inwards for that Mod ‘flip’.

6. Move to the fringe, and hold the Big Hair Styler a centimeter off your forehead, wrap hair over and around the brush, rotate and dry for a few minutes until shiny and smooth.

7. Spritz hair and tame any flyaways with a shine boosting hair spray.

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