Get Your Arse Into Gear! Continued

March 10, 2003

Wise Words

Wander through the self-help section of any bookshop and you’ll be amazed at the range. The best thing about using a book for motivation is that you can work through it as slowly as you like, and choose which advice to follow and which to discard. But does it work? Well yes, and no. It depends how much motivation you have to begin with. The book may be full of great advice, but it only works if you actually take action. Lose the book behind the washing machine before you’ve finished chapter one, and nothing in your life is going to change. A fairly cheap option, and you’ll always have the book to refer to.Visit a Professional

When you hook up with a life coach, you’re employing someone to keep you on track over a series of sessions. It’s personalised, so the help they give is tailored specifically towards achieving the things in life that matter to you. “And the aim of any successful coaching series,” as Results Life Coach Christina Grant says, “is to winkle out those underlying habits that are holding you back in life – and replace them with new habits to keep you on track towards the new you.” It’s especially effective if you were one of those kids that always did their homework. Not so effective if you’re the master of excuses. The best part is that you can talk solidly about your own future for one hour a week, without boring your friends stupid. It can be an expensive option, but it’s worth it for the personal attention.

See a Motivational Guru

Depending on just how famous the guru is, attending a motivational seminar can be the most expensive course of action. But if an immediate wake up call is what you’re looking for, this could be it. You’re not just paying for their words of wisdom, you could read that in their latest book. The value is in the atmosphere and excitement the speaker can generate. If the excitement doesn’t kill you you’ll be filled to bursting with motivation. Just be aware that these kind of events often include lots of participation, and some are not for the faint hearted! This can be an excellent way to make major change in your life, but only if you manage to take some positive action before the excitement wears off. Otherwise you’re just left with the t-shirt and some catchy one-liners.

Taking action to improve your life can leave you feeling empowered and excited about your new future. Just remember, no matter what tools you rely upon, you’ll still have to do the hard work on your own.

By Louise Pattie

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