Get your career questions answered!

June 7, 2005

Get your career questions answered!

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Who is Lisa O?Brien?
Lisa O?Brien runs CareersCoach, which is a careers coaching organisation that provides innovative career coaching services. She is also a regular contributor to SheSaid, Marie Clair and New Woman and is also the Careers Coach for the Cosmopolitan website.

What does CareersCoach do?At CareersCoach.com.au at CareersCoach we empower our clients by providing the following services: Career and interview coaching for people at all career levels, resume design, preparation of selection criteria application. By setting clear goals, climbing over obstacles and breaking down barriers Lisa?s clients have achieved outstanding career success.

What training/qualifications do you have?
I have completed formal coaching training by CoachU who are the leading global provider of coach training programs and founder of the International Federation of Coaching. I have also undergone a number of Recruitment and Consulting Services Association Ltd training courses. In addition to this I have extensive experience in verbal communications, body language, presenting, sales, mentoring and management.

How did you land your current job?
I like to joke that I started my career at age 11. At that time my dad owned a computer company in Brisbane and I loved to go into the office on every school holiday to help out. I would put marketing fliers into envelopes, answer the telephones and follow the staff around asking them a million questions about what they did, why they did it and where they thought this might lead them. I was later offered a position within the engineering services section of the company as a service receptionist. I loved the people contact but wanted more of a challenge so I started coming up with ideas on how to improve customer service. Everyday I?d walk into my manager?s office with a smile and an idea and everyday he?d say,? Come back when you have a better idea.” After proving myself I was promoted to distribution sales where I learnt to negotiate, further develop relationships and, most fun of all, develop new business relationships.

In 1999 I moved to Sydney to become a recruitment consultant and later coached, managed and led a team of consultants. At first I was so happy I could not believe that I could earn so much money by talking on the phone, meeting lots of important clients and interviewing highly successful job seekers all day. The industry was fast paced and competitive and best of all my boss was always upping the ante, it was just so much fun. But over time I started to realise that role was not giving me enough scope to help people develop their skills. I could see in most cases that the person who won the job was the person who interviewed the best, not necessarily the most skilled applicant. This made me realise that there was a gap in the market. People needed to be coached to perform their best in interviews and assisted in writing their job applications.

I also recognised that many people are just not satisfied in their career, sometimes it is about money, or not being in the right career, not getting promoted quickly enough, managing workplace relationships or achieving work/life balance. Armed with this knowledge, my experience in recruitment and understanding the demands of employers, I started CareersCoach.com.au in January 2004.
What does your job involve every day?

Everyday I work with clients who are changing careers, setting and working towards new career goals, returning to the workforce, starting a new career or applying for specific jobs. This includes having one-on-one coaching sessions with clients, conducting interview training sessions and helping clients to apply for specific job applications. I also contribute to a number of magazines and produce training material and personal development material for my clients – much of this material is displayed on the CareersCoach.com.au web page and in our newsletters.

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