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August 18, 2009

Want hair like Posh, Kate Moss, Jen Aniston or Agyness Deyn? Now you can get it minus the tears and tantrums!

A new poll by Wella Professionals revealed that over 70 per cent of women have encountered a ‘hair scare’ when trying out a new style at the hairdresser. 32 per cent were left feeling embarrassed and 17 per cent were reduced to tears. Can you relate? I sure can. I remember once I asked for a bob and came out looking like Annette Benning!

With a third of Aussie women drastically changing their hairstyle every year, it’s no wonder there is some upset when chic turns out eeek! The research also revealed that 60 per cent of “hair scares” were put down to a misunderstanding with the hairdresser about what they wanted and around 30 per cent put it down to choosing a style or colour that didn’t suit them.

So why do we put ourselves through the trauma? For fashion of course! The poll reveals that one in two women look to magazines for inspiration for new hair trends and one in five admit its celeb styles that we want to imitate. Some of the most famous styles Aussie women have tried over the years have included Jennifer Aniston’s shaggy bob (52%), Kate Moss’ heavy fringe (25%) and Posh’s infamous ‘Pob’ (19%).

The new Personalised Trends initiative will arm hairdressers with the most up-to-date expertise, innovation and styling products, letting them recreate all the hottest styles and personalise them to suit your needs and wants. You can choose one of four exciting new services:

Pastel Service: The new pure blonde is the cleanest of all blonde looks. Think Agyness Deyn with her soft crop and smooth layers.

Sensuous Service: Luxurious volume and rich feminine waves. Channel Isla Fisher with complete anti-frizz control and luscious colour.

Crystal Gloss Service: Mix masculine and feminine styles like Katie Holmes with her short bob in a cool colour with a long-lasting crystal shine.

Color Accents Service: This new young trend can be seen on Rihanna and is all about bold, statement colour with sharp 3D effects.

Visit your local Wella Professionals salon from September or go to to ensure you never experience a hair scare again.

Have you ever had a “hair scare”? Share your horror story below. The best response gets a SheSaid hair care pack!

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