16 Ghoulishly Good Shots You Need To Make This Halloween

October 3, 2016

Shots as scary as the hangover they’ll give you. 

Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year. Any excuse to eat a heap of candy, play dress-ups and celebrate everything scary is a guaranteed good time. And with every Halloween comes the Halloween parties.

Everyone knows the key ingredient to a good party is one with an abundance of alcohol, and if the alcohol fits the theme of the party, it’s an entirely new level of awesome.

So if you’re thinking about throwing an epic Halloween party this year, as well as creating the perfect costume, you should start thinking about your drinks menu as soon as possible. While Halloween themed cocktails are amazing, the night will always reach a point where everyone starts looking for shots to throw back.

Well, we have you covered. Check out these spooky shooters that promise to be as delicious as they are gory…

1. Blood clot shot


This gross – but super cool – shot looks just like a blood clot. It’s disgusting but perfect for freaking out your guests and getting them drunk in the process. (Recipe here).

2. Zombie brains shot


This shot looks just like liquefied zombie brains, and the fruit helps make it a little be chunky – because zombie’s brains are most definitely chunky… (Recipe here).

3. Black widow venom shot


This tempting vial urges you to knock it back, but hides a lethal shot of vodka and sugar syrup. (Recipe here).

4. Specimen shots


If you really want to freak out your guests, serve up some of these shots that look like they have come straight from the doctor’s office. (Recipe here).

5. Vampire shot


This shot is as creepy as it is fun. The raspberry ‘blood’ being injected into the vodka drink is gore galore, which is simply perfect for Halloween. (Recipe here).

6. Pumpkin pie shot


You can’t have Halloween without pumpkin pie, and these shots are a perfect way to sneak this iconic dessert into your party. (Recipe here).

7. Smoking skulls shot


This shot is like a spooky science experiment – but with bourbon. Dry ice chips give off the smoking effect, which will really wow your guests before they get too drunk to care about theatrics. (Recipe here).

8. Candy corn Jello-O shot


Candy corn, a Halloween fave, gets a very adult makeover with this yummy Jell-O shot. But don’t be deceived, you’ll still have a hard time working these off, just like you would the candy version – terrifying! (Recipe here).

9. Bloody brain shot


You’ll feel just like a mad scientist who collects brains in jars of formaldehyde when you drink this creepy shot. (Recipe here).

10. Black magic Jell-O shot


Channel your witchy vibes with this pretty little potion, which is topped off with edible black glitter, adding to the magic of the shot. (Recipe here).

11. The haunted highball


Don’t let the innocent appearance of this cute ghost shot fool you, it’s potent as hell. There’s four different kinds of liquor in it. Yep, spooky. (Recipe here).

12. Bloody torture shots


This shot’s name is a warning about the hangover you’ll be having the day after sipping on these all night. They are also a little cheeky, and will numb your lips as you drink from the icy shot glass. (Recipe here).

13. Glow-in-the-dark Jell-O shots


Reminiscent of a radioactive experiment, these shots glow in the dark (provided you have a black light), so they will light up your drinks table in a magical way. Warning: drinking these could potentially turn you into a superhero. (Recipe here).

14. Test tube vodka shots


Every good Halloween party has bucketloads of blood, and the drinks table should be no exception. Drip some edible fake blood into test tubes filled with vodka and watch it swirl around. (Recipe here).

15. Jell-O brains


The slimy Jell-O shots look just like bleeding brains, perfect for zombies to suck down. Having too many of these will cause party-goers to start slurring their words and shuffle when walking – just like zombies! (Recipe here).

16. Reanimation rum shots


Inspired by the horror film, Re-animator, these shots are neon green, and while they won’t reanimate a corpse, they will definitely make your guests more loud and lively. (Recipe here).

Images via pinterest.com.

Comment: Will you be having an alcoholic Halloween? What drinks will you make?

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