Gifts with a conscience

December 4, 2002

A stationey kit in Honduras

Hankies and socks just don’t cut it for socially aware gift givers. This year, get into the true spirit of Christmas and give someone you’ve never met the chance at a better life.World Vision Smiles offers Australians the opportunity to give a gift to someone in need. It can be something as small as the school supplies for a child or a fruit tree for their entire village. These gifts not only bring a smile, but they can make a huge difference to someone’s life.

Simply choose your gifts from the World Vision Smiles web site and World Vision will send them to the world’s poorest people. World Vision will also send you a special Card for every gift purchased, featuring a photo of your gift, to give to your loved one, friend or colleague.

Gift ideas…

Writing and drawing – a stationery kit in Honduras $18

School children in Honduras lack basic supplies like paper and pencils. Stationery kits containing notebooks, pencils, erasers and sharpeners will help them learn and provide hours of fun!

Ready for school – A school uniform for

A schoool uniform in Chad

Chad $30

In Chad, many children don’t go to school because they don’t have a uniform. This gift of a new uniform will build their confidence and encourage them to attend school. Imagine the proud smiles your gift will bring when they wear their uniform each day! Fresh milk for a family – A cow for a family in Kenya $359

For a family in Kenya, a cow is a valuable investment for the future. It provides milk to drink and sell at the market. Your gift will enable a family to provide for themselves for years to come – and give them a big reason to smile!

World Vision Smiles has a range of gifts available to help you really get into the spirit of giving these holidays. And while none of these gift ideas require huge thought or energy on your part,

A cow for a family in Kenya

contribution you make has the power to change lives – including your own.Give a gift with a conscience this Christmas. World Vision Smiles can be purchased online at

World Vision Australia is part of an international partnership dedicated to improving the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty. World Vision stands for freedom, justice, peace and opportunity for everyone in the World.

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