Giggle Is Here! How To Get The App That Connects Women With A Purpose

November 14, 2019

How are you going to Giggle? 

When my relationship unexpectedly broke down last year, I was the one who had to move out of the house we shared.

I ended up couch surfing at a friend’s place for a few months, all the while signing up to every house hunting and flatmate-finder website and app I could find. Whether it was a room in a sharehouse or finding people to team up to find somewhere to rent, I was desperate to get off the couch, back on my feet, and into a room with a door (one of the things I missed most about having my own space was definitely the lack of privacy).

Navigating several sites and multiple apps, different conversations and meet-up times was hard enough. Figuring out if we were the right fit to be housemates with each other this way was tedious. And actually trying to construct a group of people to finally move into a house together felt more difficult than it should have been. In the end, I moved into a house with two other women and things have been amazing, but it was a really annoying process.

An app like Giggle really would have come in handy back then, cutting out the middle steps and connecting me right away with other women in the area who were looking for a housemate.

Giggle is a new girls-only social networking app, designed to give women their power back by connecting them to other women in a safe, consensual and supportive environment. These connections are formed through making a group called a giggle (which is the collective noun for a group of girls), that are created by looking at other girls’ profiles, and swiping left or right, based on what you’re looking for.

Forming a group of plant-moms to discuss fertilizer tips and gardening hacks? Swipe away!

Interested in talking to other female artists about working in the industry? You can form a giggle for that.

Looking for friends in your area, or a supportive stranger to confide in? Giggle is your new go-to.


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“no girl is defined by just one thing” – giggle founder @sallpics 💗 There are many ways Giggle is unique. 1. It is a girls only platform! 2. You can match with more than one girl to create a group (aka a giggle) 3. You can have as many profiles as you want in as many categories as you want! Let’s look at an example: say you’re @sallpics (🙋‍♀️) and you have endometriosis and get *horrible* period pain. So you create a “period” giggle in health to get advice and solutions from other girls. Or even just a place to vent at that time of the month. But you also have freelance work that needs to get done. Plus, you’re a feminist (😇) and want to connect with girls to get more involved in causes. Suddenly, you have three different giggles! 💗 What you do is your choice because that is what Giggle is all about – giving girls choice, control, consent and conversation. Make as many connections as you want or need! #joinagiggle • • • • #feminist #periods #periodsbelike #endometriosis #justforgirls #girlsupportinggirls #girlsgirlsgirls #giggleday

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But there are two things Giggle does a bit differently which really makes it a must-try for women.

Consent is a big deal in the app.

All of the girls in the giggle have to like each other, so everyone in the group has consented to be there.

The other unique feature is the use of bio-metric gender verification software.

To make the app extra safe and secure, the app will take a 3D selfie of you and analyze your bone structure to verify that you’re a female, or you can’t sign up and make a profile. Giggle is inclusive and encourages trans women and girls to sign up, and have taken that into consideration with their sign-up process.

Both of these features add to the appeal of the app; connecting with other women, empowering each other in a safe place that’s just for women.


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giggle is all about giving girls choice, control, consent and conversation in your life. There are too many times when having choice, taking control, voicing consent or enjoying the luxury of a conversation is not available. It’s why giggle needs to exist. These pictures show just some of the choices you have on giggle. These are the places where you can make safe, secure and private connections. giggle is all about connecting girls for a purpose. giggle is not a “friendship” app. It’s a platform for girls to be themselves and meet the people who will support them. However, amazing relationships in life are formed from a common purpose! Whether it’s living together, supporting through a hardship, supporting the same cause or motivating each other. giggle is all about making life better because life is just better with girls in it 💗#joinagiggle 🙋‍♀️ #justforgirls 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 #giggleday 👯‍♀️ #gigs 👭 #activism 💃 #support 💁‍♀️ #health 👩👩🏻👩🏼👩🏽👩🏾👩🏿

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Connecting women with a purpose really make the possibilities of how you can use Giggle are endless. A friend of mine who has signed up for the app is a young mother that’s recently relocated interstate, and she originally thought she was going to use Giggle to find other moms in her area “who want to go out for a glass of wine together”. She’s still using it for this, but she’s realized she can also connect to other women across the globe who suffer from endometriosis, as she does, or pole dance for fitness, like she does, or who also have traveling spouses and who feel a little bit lonely from time to time, and need to vent about it.

The amount of Giggles you can create is up to you, and the potential reaches from finding a housemate to creating real, supportive connections with women from all over the world.

How do I sign up?

You can download and use Giggle as of RIGHT NOW, even though it hasn’t officially launched yet. To be one of the first women to try Giggle, sign up and enter your email. You’ll get a link to download the app to your inbox and once downloaded, Giggle will work just as it should, and you’ll get to continue with your account when the app launches in December.

It’s free, safe and secure, and connecting with other women is just a click and swipe away. How are you going to Giggle?

To try Giggle NOW and start connecting with other like-minded women, click HERE!

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