Gimme A Break!

November 11, 2003

Working, partying, studying, running a household, running a business – running out of steam. Yep, we know how you feel!To get you thinking about your well-earned break, we asked some SheSaid readers to tell us what a short break means to them. Here’s what they said…

My favourite short break destination is a weekend of pure luxury with the best of everything! Wendy.

A night away in a strange bed makes you feel as though they have had a wonderful break. Linda.

I love nestling away in a little hotel room somewhere…with champagne, chocolate (lots of it) and my favourite, a hot spa. I won’t leave the room! Sally.

The beach, its relaxing, I dont have to wear a bra and I can kick as much sand as I want. Rita.

Being picked up on Friday at 4.00pm, wisked off to a suprise city hotel with spa, room service and a bottle of bubbly! Vicky.

Any capital city, a quick flight and suddenly I’m out of rural Queensland, tupperware parties and cake stalls and back in the groove! Angela.

Somewhere where it is not to far to travel but far enough from home. Just to have time to yourself and enjoy the beautiful things around you. Kim.

Anywhere near the beach…there’s nothing like floating in the ocean to relax! Nicole.

A secluded hideaway in a romantic cottage in the rainforest because the tranquil sounds of Mother nature are so essential to maintain an even keel! Marita.

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