15 Girls Night Drinking Games For A Killer Night

July 16, 2019

Girls night drinking games are where sisterhoods are born. 

It’s ladies night and you’re in the mood to blow off some serious steam.

Whether you’re having a girls night in or you’re pregaming for a night out, drinking games are a fun way to get to know each other (and get tipsy while doing it). There is no sisterhood as strong as one formed by bonding over the teamwork and honesty required by a good drinking game – oh, except for bonding over a greasy brekkie to cure your hangover the next morning.

Fair warning, these games are not for the faint-hearted (or the lightweight) and I would recommend pre-emptive hydration before proceeding at own risk.

Go ahead and whip up a batch of cocktails because these girls night drinking games will have you in for the night of your life.

Ladies, it’s game on.

1. Never Have I Ever

Get ready to learn A LOT about your lady pals. Sit in a circle and choose the player to go first. Everyone should be holding up one hand (or two if you’re in it for a long time) to keep score. She will start off the game by saying ‘never have I ever” followed by something she hasn’t done. The players who have done it have to take a drink and put down one of their fingers! The game continues by going around the circle until someone has all five (or ten) fingers down. The winner is the one with the most fingers still up!

Try to be a bit sneaky with this one and find things you haven’t done but you know other people have done.

2. Two Truths, One Lie

This is one of the best girls night drinking games to play with your best pals.

Each player will say three statements – two truths and one lie. The aim of the game is to guess which one of the statements is the lie. Go around the room and get your girl gang to guess which statement they think is a fib. Each incorrect guess will cost the guesser a drink! If someone guesses the lie correctly, the liar has to take a drink.

Win or lose, someone is drinking…

3. Most Likely

Players sit in a circle and ask questions about who would be the most likely to do something wild or raunchy. Questions along the lines of  “who is most likely to have sex on the first date “or who is most likely to get kicked out of the club” are fun ones to get the game rolling. On the count of three players will point at the person most likely to do the thing. For each finger pointed at you, you have to take a drink. If four people think you’ll be drunk and disorderly, you take four drinks. We wish you luck…

4. Eat My Box

For this one you’ll need a cardboard box of some kind – a cereal box would be perfect!

Place the empty cereal box on the ground and take it in turns to pick it up with your teeth. Easy, right?

Well, there’s a catch. No hands allowed. You’ll have to take a drink for every failed attempt or body part that touches the floor. Players can try each round as many times as they please. When everyone has picked up the box of forfeited, rip an inch off the top of the box and repeat. You’ll be channeling your inner yoga goddess.

5. Tom Thumb

At the start of the night, allocate someone to be the ‘thumb master’. Whenever they put there thumb down on the table, everyone else must follow suit. The last person to put their thumb on the table has to drink! It’s a simple but effective one and you can customize it however you like!

6. La-Di-Dah

This is a personal favorite of mine and is best played with a large group. Everyone has a drink in their right hand and you all pass it around the table to the rhythm of a chant. As the group chants “La-di-dah’, “La-di-dah”, La-di-dah-di-dah-di-dah” the bottle gets passed from right to left. The speed slowly increases and the first person to fumble their drink or miss a bit has to drink and is disqualified. This is a tricky one to get the hang of but well worth it! You can find a further instructional video of the chant here.

7. Sip Sip Shot

Remember duck, duck, goose? It’s about to get next level.

Players will sit in a circle and one person will walk around and tap them on the head, saying either ‘sip’ or ‘shot’. When tapped with ‘sip’, the player must take a drink. When tapped with ‘shot’ the player must get up and chase the caller around the circle and reach them before they sit down. If they fail to reach the caller the chaser must take a shot. If caught successfully the caller must take a shot.

The childhood nostalgia mixed with the booze is guaranteed to make for a good time.

8. Word

This is by far the easiest drinking game ever and if you play your cards right, the most effective.

At the beginning of the night, you designate a word that no one is allowed to say. If someone says the word, they have to drink. Super simple.

If you want a low key night make it something you aren’t likely to slip into a sentence like ‘extraordinary’. Down for a big night? Go with a word like ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘umm’ to get real blind, real fast.

9. Tequila Roulette

Another personal fave, tequila roulette is sure to get you geared up for a big night!

This one is a game of chance and the likelihood of getting drunk is worth betting on. Pair up with one of your girls and pick one person to be the ‘bartender’ and another to be the ‘guesser’. The bartender will fill up two shot glasses, one with tequila and the other with water.  The pair will each take the shot, not knowing whether it’s water or alcohol and they have to try to keep a straight face. The guesser will then choose which person they thought took the shot. If you took the shot and get called out, you drink again. Pro Tip: practice your poker face in the mirror before you pregame.

10. Paranoia

Players will sit around in a circle. One person will start by whispering a question to the gal on her left, with the answer needing to relate to a person in the circle. For example, the question would something like ‘who has the best sex life” and the player would need to name another person in the circle aloud. Whoever wants to know what the question was has to have a drink. If you don’t drink, you stay in the dark.

It’s the ultimate game of curiosity killed the cat.

11. Century Club

If you have commitment issues this is NOT the game for you. You’ll need a whole bunch of alcohol and strong alcohol tolerance. Essentially, to gain access to the exclusive and elusive ‘Century Club’ you have to drink once a minute for 100 minutes. It’s easier to keep track if you elect a time keeper but you’re bound to miss a minute or two here and there. Whoever gets to 100 minutes will make it into the ‘Century Club’ but fair warning, probably won’t make it into the club.

This game is about pride and perseverance. Sure, you’ll be hungover tomorrow but you’ll go down as a legend in your girl gang.

12. Fuzzy Duck

Assume the circle position and players will go around in a clockwise direction saying ‘fuzzy duck’. If you’ve had a few drinks this will be hard enough on its own but once you get the rhythm going a player can say ‘does he?’ Players will go in an anti-clockwise direction and switch to saying ‘ducky fuzz’. Anyone who gets tongue-tied has to take a drink and the drunker you are, that harder it gets.

13. Spin The Bottle

So remember in high school when you’d play an innocent game of spin the bottle? Yeah, this ain’t so innocent.

Sit in a circle and one player will spin the bottle. Whoever it lands on must look the player in the eye. The spinner than says the dirtiest thing they can think of. Whoever laughs, drinks. Chances are if you’ve had a few drinks you’ll already have a case of the giggles so this one is a definite laugh.

14. Canoe

You’ll need plastic cups, two even teams, and a table.

The two teams will stand in a line, facing their opponents. Each player, in turn, will drink the contents of their cup before using one hand to flip it over. If the cup falls off the table, you fill it up and try again. Only once the first player has flipped their cup can the rest of the team proceed. The first team to drink and flip all of their cups win!

Helpful hint: If you’re as uncoordinated as I am, you aren’t going to want to go first. I’ve learned the hard way…

15. Boat Race

This is one of those girls night drinking games that will test even the strongest of girl gangs.

Split into two even teams and stand in two lines next to each other. The ladies at the start of each line will start chugging their drinks and when they are empty the next players do the same. The first team to finish wins gold and bragging rights for the rest of the night.

Drink responsibly!

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