Girls Night In Ideas

October 19, 2010

Girls Night In Ideas

October is breast cancer awareness month so get together with your friends, have fun and raise money! In 2010 the Cancer Council hopes to raise at least $6 million, so let’s get going! You don’t have to run a marathon – here are our favourite fundraising ideas, pink recipes and event resources – don’t forget to share your girls night in here too!

Fundraising Ideas

* Spring clean your wardrobe and sell what you don’t wear. Get all your friends to go through their clothes, homewares etc and then host one giant sale. We tend to throw old clothes away or sell on eBay, this way you can raise money and your clothes will go to someone you know!

* Invite your friends over for a Masterchef taste-off where you all bring a dish and pay what you think each dish is worth – it all goes to a good cause!

* Host a Wii party: Wii games are so much fun and you can even work up quite a sweat! Tally up final scores – each point equals a dollar!

* Drinking games: whether you do pink grapefruit shots or go for something heavier, drinking games are lots of fun and can raise a lot of money! Choose a favourite movie or show – Sex and the City is a great one, just drink and donate everytime Samantha swears!

* Organise an old Hollywood party and rent those classic movies you’ve always wanted to see but never have (for example From Here To Eternity, West Side Story…). The dress code can be black and white but decorate with pink food and pink balloons, it will look amazing! Collect donations at the door.

* Swear jar: an oldie but a goodie! Collect money everytime someone swears. A healthy alternative is the lolly jar – collect money everytime someone goes for a lolly!

* Afternoon tea: us girls can’t resist an afternoon tea and it’s not hard to host one at home. Finger sandwiches are easy to make, whip up a batch of Bill Granger’s Simple Scones and serve with our Pretty In Pink Champagne Cocktails!

Pink Recipes

* Beetroot and feta dip: in a food processor blend together a small tub of Greek yoghurt or sour cream, two roasted beetroots and 100g of feta. Season with salt and pepper and top with chopped pistachios and coriander. A delicious pink dip to serve with raw veggies.

* Not time to make your own? Taramasalata is a yummy pink dip, look out for one made with real fish roe and not artificially coloured.

* Pretty In Pink Champagne Cocktails: try a dash of antioxidant-rich pomegranate juice in a flute of Champagne, decorate with fresh pomegranate seeds.

* Take our favourite Vanilla Cupcake recipe and add 2-3 drops of red food colouring to the icing for the prettiest pink cupcakes!


* For more ideas and information visit Girls Night In.

* Hosting an event? Print this poster at work or home to show how where you money will go to when you donate!

* Invite workmates to donate to your event: print off this donation form and hand out at the office.

What are you doing for Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Share your Girls Night In ideas here!

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