Girly Flicks, Lit and DVDs!

September 7, 2004

Girly Flicks, Lit and DVDs!

Remember when you were a teenager and racing those Daytona machines? Fanging around the track in your custom built race chair and steering wheel and trying to beat your boyfriend. The Daytona game is actually the most famous track on the real-life NASCAR circuit, and as we learn in IMAX 3D NASCAR ? there?s more to stock car racing than just the video game! This documentary covers the history of car racing (people began racing cars after they built the second car) and the origins of NASCAR. It also goes through the amazing obsession many Americans have with stock cars and what a weekend on the circuit entails. It?s incredible to watch the dedication these men have for their sport, particularly when you see them run in front a car still travelling at 50 miles per hour in the pits.
Admittedly this film isn?t a typically enjoyable girly film; however you may be surprised. The size of IMAX really accentuates the pace and power of these machines and the 3D gives the amazing illusion that you?re really amongst the hordes of American spectators. If you really want to impress your boy, click here to win tickets to IMAX NASCAR 3D.

Jersey Girl
To be honest, the thought of seeing Jennifer Lopez in another movie is about as appealing as watching? well Gigli again. Luckily, the serial bride is killed off in the first ten minutes so you don?t even have to worry about enduring too much of the ?couple formerly known as Bennifer?. Ben Affleck plays Ollie Trinke, a high powered publicity guru who falls in love with J.Lo?s character Gertrude Steiney. All is looking rosy for the pair until Gertrude dies while giving birth to their first child. Suddenly Ollie finds himself living back with his father in New Jersey, learning to care for his young daughter, Gertie (Raquel Castro).
Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith (the writer/director) have joined forces in many of their recent films ? Dogma, Chasing Amy, Good Will Hunting. This film is more of a girly flick than the others, but still has the edgy Kevin Smith style. There are hilarious moments, plus enough warm and fluffy moments to keep you riveted. Liv Tyler is hilariously quirky as the video store chick, Raquel Castro is cute (but undeniably precocious) and Ben Affleck regains his sex appeal most certainly lost during his relationship with J.Lo.

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