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Girly nights galore!

Girly nights galore!

Girly nights galore!

Tina Arena Greatest Hits (CD and DVD)
If you are a Tina Arena fan they you will be in heaven with her latest release of Greatest Hits 1994 -2004 on CD and DVD. Unreal Chrissie present for your sister, girlfriend or best buddy that has know you for the last 10 years and will appreciate the nostalgia of a good chicks sing-a-long CD. The DVD has all the best of her old songs from the early 90?s like Burn, Sorrento Moon and Heaven Help my Heart just to name a few complete with the film clips that were made with them at the time. Lots of big hair and some very 90?s high waist jeans that Tina wouldn?t be caught dead in today! The old film clips just help transport back to where you were in your life when you first sang along to those songs. Single, living with a girl pal in our groovy St Kilda house, drinking wine late into the night and singing along to Tina was a constant in those days at our place. The CD has a bonus disk with an additional 9 songs that Tina sings brilliantly in French. Unlike some top 40 CDs that are lucky if they have 10 or so songs on them, this CD has 18 songs on one CD and another 9 on the second one, so not only is this a fab CD is also great value for money too! Don?t you love it when you haven?t heard songs for years and as soon as the music starts you suddenly remember all the words and sing along like a fool in love? Or is that just some of us? This one goes straight to the top of our Christmas wishlist!

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Dirty Dancing Live – The Classic Story on Stage
It?s an image burnt into every heterosexual woman?s mind ? Patrick Swayze?s rippling torso and strong muscley arms entwined around impressionable Baby in the eighties hit movie Dirty Dancing. Sydney dancer Josef Brown plays Swayze?s role of Johnny Castle in the new stage show Dirty Dancing – the Classic Story on Stage, and you?ll be pleased to know his… moves are just as memorable. He joins Neighbours actor Kym Valentine as Baby Housemann in the $6.5 million stage production that opens in Sydney this week. It is the first time this classic 80?s movie will be shown on stage and was written by the original movie creator Eleanor Bergstein. The play closely follows the original story and cleverly uses moving backdrops and images to convey space and time. Although at times this can be distracting, it makes for a unique multimedia experience. The dancing is fabulous and although there?s not as much singing as was expected, if you’re anything like me you’ll have a tear in your eye when the signature song Time of My Life is performed! Perfect for a girls night!
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Bridget Jones Diary ? The Edge of Reason
The first Bridget Jones Diary was a bit of a classic ? finally a woman in film to relate to ? a bit plumb, an embarrassing mother and on the eternal pursuit of finding the man of her dreams. The sequel was highly anticipated, and fortunately it doesn?t disappoint as Bridget?s (Renee Zellweger) exploits are as hilarious as ever. One of the opening scenes is her skydiving from a plane as a reporter for her job as ?serious television journalist? on Sit Up Britain. Unfortunately she misjudges her landing and arrives in a stinking pig pen. Such is Bridget?s world ? she has the best of intentions but somehow she always stuffs it up and lands in a terrible situation. This becomes the theme of the movie as we watch her ruin her much anticipated relationship with Mark Darcy (adorable Colin Firth) and contemplates setting up again with the irrepressible Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant). The only criticism with this movie is her apparent lack of alarm when she?s thrown in a Bangkok prison. One wonders how she remains curiously upbeat when contemplating a life in prison, yet thinks her life is over after finding insignificant problems with a perfectly good man and breaking up with him. Twice. Despite this, the film is hilarious and well worth the $14 movie ticket. Still one for the girls, although not totally unbearable for the boys!

Will and Grace DVD ? Season Two
We?re heading into the summer TV viewing season and we all know what that means ? reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond and the dodgy shows that have failed in America. How about expanding your DVD collection with shows you actually want to watch! Season Two of Will and Grace has just been released by Video Ezy, and it?s jam-packed with 24 hilarious episodes. Grace moves across the hall and Jack moves in with Will. Let the games begin! You won?t forget the episode where Grace is featured in a newspaper with giant breasts. In order to keep the illusion, she buys a ?hydra-bra?, but in the bid to impress a former boyfriend, she accidentally pricks a hole in the bra and ends up spurting water fountains from her nipples? Not a great first impression!
RRP $49.95 Check out Video Ezy
If you?d like to win a copy of Will and Grace ? Season Two, email us with your name, address and who your favourite Will and Grace character is and why.

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