Give yourself a face massage

January 18, 2010

What’s Victoria Beckham’s secret to younger, glowing, fresh skin? A face massage and you can do it, too!

Masseuse Beata Aleksandrowicz recommends spending 30 minutes every
morning kneading and pummelling your skin, explaining it can help relax
your face and make it appear younger.

“The idea behind a face massage is that it stimulates the whole area
including your neck so there is more oxygen in the skin,” she explained.
“It makes you glow and look fresh.”

Victoria Beckham is known to be a fan of the art, and has taken to
contorting her face into unusual shapes in an effort to turn back time.
Beata realises not everyone will have half-an-hour a day to dedicate to
facial exercises, and so advises people to concentrate on the most
problematic areas. “There are simple self-massage techniques that you
can use daily to improve the quality and structure of the facial
muscles,” she said. “Choose the area that has the most tension and work
on that.”

She advises relaxing your face fully before you start. Try dipping
cotton wool in cool camomile or green tea, then applying the compress on
your eyes and take some deep breathes.

Start at your chin, and using the tips of your fingers make small
circles up your jaw towards your ears. “Don’t stretch the skin,” she
advises. “Keep the movements slow and steady.”

Then do the same from your nose, across your cheeks and to the ears.
She explained: “Hook your thumbs under the cheekbones and gently slide
up along them several times.

“Press the middle fingers gently into the inner corners of your eyes and
hold for 10 seconds. Continue to work up and around the eye socket
counting to five each time you press down.”

She then advises massage the temples, before using circular motions to
move across the forehead. Finally, tap your skin all over to help your
muscles look “lifted and plump”.

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