Give yourself a mini pedicure!

January 21, 2010

Save your coin for a new set of peep toe sandals and give yourself this fool-proof pedi at home!

Not all of us live in a world where we have a spare hour to run and fix our feet at the latest Hollywood nail bar so here’s the SheSaid guide to a perfect pedi.

Tools of the trade

* A bucket of hot water
* Cotton buds
* Nail polish remover
* Moisturiser
* Salt scrub
* Lavender oil
* Nail clipper
* Emery board
* Nail polish
* Top coat


Rub any nail polish off with a cotton bud and nail polish remover then put your toes into the bowl of hot water. Your feet are going to need at least 10 minutes soaking so put some music on or watch a video you’ve been meaning to hire. Make sure the water isn’t too hot so it doesn’t draw the moisture from your feet and add a drop of lavender for added relaxation.

Exfoliate & Trim

Rub away dead skin cells with a nice salt scrub then wash and pat your feet dry. To be safe, give your tools a quick wipe with alcohol before you start to avoid infection. Trim the nails straight across with nail clippers to lessen the chance of painful ingrowns.


Grab a moisturiser and give yourself a foot massage, working the lotion between toes, around the ankle and up the calf. Let it soak in before you apply your polish.


Place a piece of tissue between your toes to separate them. Paint your polish on in two coats and then apply a top coat to make it stay. Only use new polishes as anything over three months will be gluggy as they dry out quickly once opened. Good luck!

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