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Glitter Boobs Are Taking Over Festivals And We’re Totally On Board With The Idea

Glitter Boobs Are Taking Over Festivals And We’re Totally On Board With The Idea

Boobs apparently make great canvases.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to stand out from a crowd at music festivals, as nothing seems to be off limits anymore.

From rainbow hair to barely there outfits and unicorn makeup, festival goers embrace their inner Kylie Jenner as soon as they feel the festival mud under their feet, but there’s a new beauty trend taking over, and it’s as mesmerizing as it is controversial.

Glitter boobs, or disco tits, were first seen at Coachella, but are absolutely everywhere at Glastonbury at the moment, and they’re so much more than just a bit of body glitter.

Women are foregoing tops altogether, and instead, opting to have their boobs painted and adorned with sparkling gems or tassels covering nothing more than their nips – arguably so that people can still snap Instagram selfies without having them flagged as pornographic content (because apparently women’s nipples are offensive).

They’re the next step towards complete nudity, but at the same time, we feel glitter boobs are celebrating women like no other beauty trend has ever done before, showing off boobs of all shapes and sizes framed by beautiful glitzy makeup.

While some are DIY-ing the look, there’s an actual glitter boob service, The Gypsy Shrine, who can create the glittery goodness for you professionally, on site. And if you’re feeling really extravagant, they do glitter butts as well. And looking at their Instagram is giving us serious FOMO and appreciation for boobs as a canvas.

Now excuse us while we buy our tickets to the next festival so we can join the glitter boob movement…

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