Global Sex Survey results!

December 6, 2005

Global Sex Survey results!

Age of first sex
How old were you when you first had sex? On average, Australians were 16.8 years of age when they first lost their virginity. We’re younger than the worldwide average of 17.3 years of age but not as young as the teenagers from Iceland, Germany, Sweden and Denmark who were 15.6 years, 15.9 years and both 16.1 years respectively. Must be the cold weather. On the flipside, it was probably the Indians who pulled the worldwide average up, with an average age of 19.8 years.

Sexual experiences you’ve had
According to the survey, 28% of Aussies have had a threesome, 22% have had a homosexual experience and 44% of us have had anal sex. These are all above the global averages of 15%, 12% and 35% respectively. Fortunately though, we’re below the global average of having an extra marital affair with 16% of us crossing that line. The Turkish topped that poll, with 58% having had an affair. We also seem to like to indulge in props during our lovemaking, with 32% of us having used masks or blindfolds and 46% of us having used a vibrator. In fact, we use vibrators more than any other country in the world! What a record!

Frequency of sex
Ever wonder whether everyone else is getting it much more than you? Well wonder no more! Around 25% of women in Australia are having sex 1-2 times a week. 21% of us are having it 3-4 times a week and 15% of us are getting busy at least daily! You go girlfriends! On a worldwide scale, Australians are having sex more often than the global average, with 108 times a year. The Greek seem to be the randiest, having sex on average 138 times a year. It’s sad times for the Japanese though, as they only get hot and horny around 45 times a year.

Number of sexual partners
This is what we all want to know but are often too embarassed to ask… how many sexual partners is average? Well in Australia, each person has on average of 13.3 partners which is the second highest worldwide. Turkey is the highest with 14.5. The worldwide average is 9, however India has the least partners with an average of 3 per person.

Places where you’ve had sex
It seems the mile-high club isn’t as popular as some make out, as only 2% people globally have had sex in an aeroplane. Outdoors, however, is a different story. 54% of Aussies have had sex in a park, 28% have bonked on a beach and 73% of us have got up to no good in a car. Well they always said we had a great outdoor culture! 18% of us have had sex at work, 33% of us have sullied our parent’s bedroom and 18% of us have performed for a camera.

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