Glossier’s Cloud Paint, Plus 5 Other Products That’ll Make You Blush

August 8, 2018

Everything’s coming up rosy.

When it comes to tinted cheeks, everyone has their head in the clouds — cloud paint, that is.

Glossier’s wildly popular makeup product, Cloud Paint, seems to have left the more traditional powders in the dust. So what is it about cream and liquid blushes that have us all glowing? For starters, it’s liberating to say goodbye to cosmetic brushes — and finger-painting makeup on is fun!

A lot of the latest blushes incorporate the sparkling glitter trends of 2018. There’s a wide range of tints to be had that range from subtle to dramatic. And finally, non-powder blushes seem to rest more naturally on the skin (and maybe it’s my imagination, but I think it lasts longer, too!). Just don’t forget that taking care of your skin with super-awesome skincare products is the first step to a truly natural glow!

1. Glossier’s Cloud Paint, $18

A fun, user-friendly tube, a reasonable price tag, and rave reviews — what’s not to love about Cloud Paint? This blush is sheer (so you won’t accidentally give yourself bold, 80s-style streaks) and the colors — a range inspired by “gradient pink NYC sunsets” — result in a gorgeous glow for all skin tones and types.

Buy it here.

2. NARS Liquid Blush, $30

This popular liquid blush comes in four pigmented shades, but the one that people really go wild over is Orgasm — a pink that flatters all skin tones and will tint your cheeks with that sought-after, on-trend golden glow.

Buy it here.

3. Philosophy Take a Deep Breath Blush Color, $18

With a consistency between liquid and cream that makes it intriguingly soft and squishy, Philosophy’s blush shimmers and shines but also stays put — and its space-age-like antibacterial mesh filter will reassure anyone who’s ever worried about cosmetic brush cooties.

Buy it here.

4. Laura Geller Beauty Easy Illuminating Stick, $26

If you’re looking for shimmer that goes on pink (with an easy-to-apply stick) look no farther than this highlighter in Ballerina and Ethereal shades (the Gilded Honey shade goes more for the gold).

Buy it here.

5. Benefit Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain, $30

A personal fave of mine, this isn’t quite as easy as finger-painting with cream blush (it comes with a teeny brush that you dip into the bottle, kind of like nail polish) but it’s pretty darn easy. You can start small with little dabs and then keep going until your cheeks are sufficiently suffused. The liquid will stain your lips, too, and it smells like roses.

Buy it here.

6. Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm, $23

Another stunning glow in stick form, Clinique’s cheek balm is hydrating but oil-free, and sheer enough so you can reach your desired glow without drifting accidentally into clown paint territory.

Buy it here.

Comment: What’s your favorite blush for getting that perfect rosy glow?

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