How To Go From Black To Blonde Hair

February 6, 2015
How To Go From Black To Blonde Hair

It is a well-known fact that transitioning from black to blonde hair can best be described as a nightmare.

The switch isn’t as easy as colouring your hair once and ending up with wonderful blonde locks. The process can often take weeks or even months since peroxide leaves the hair follicle dry, brittle and prone to breakage.

Although if your curiosity is getting the better of you, catch up on our guide which will safely take your hair from black to blonde.

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Have your hair stripped

While it’s sometimes more cost-effective to colour your own hair at home, a big transition like this should be made with the help of an experienced hairdresser. There are also a variety of do-it-yourself hair kits which will easily strip all of the black colour out of your hair. Be warned, almost all steps involve using a high-strength peroxide to remove black colour out of your hair, and you should strictly follow the information on the back of the box.

Most hairdressers won’t strip the colour out of your hair in just one session. To avoid breakage, they will carry out the procedure over a number of weeks, so the hair follicle has enough time to repair itself. In the meantime, indulge your hair in weekly deep-conditioning treatments, and avoid using too many unnecessary styling tools.

Colour your hair brown

Depending on the condition of your hair, the hairdresser will more than likely choose to colour it brown before going blonde. A semi-permanent colour is then put into the hair, and left for a 6-8 weeks; we warned you that blonde hair won’t come overnight! It’s also a great idea to put in a few blonde highlights, to see how you might like the switch before completely going blonde. This gives your hair enough time to repair itself, and helps to strengthen the follicle before adding more peroxide.

Trim split ends

After all of the heavy duty processing which your hair has been through over the last few weeks, it might feel dry and brittle. Get your hairdresser to trim any split or damaged ends so the colour will look fresh on your hair.

Try balayage instead

Rather than making the harsh leap from black to blonde hair, why not try some balayage? This technique involves hand painting the ends with blonde or caramel highlights, which looks like a sun-kissed glow. Even though this also involves pre-bleaching the ends, it won’t be as damaging to your hair follicles in the long-run. Since balayage allows you to keep your darker roots, trips to the hairdresser will also decrease!

Use a toner

To keep blonde hair looking its best, use a toner at least once a week to remove brassy colours. Coloured blonde hair can sometimes turn orange or lacklustre due to chlorine and salt water, so it’s important to use a purple shampoo to counteract these harsh tones.

Leave on for 5 minutes, then wash off with lukewarm water. There is no denying that blonde hair requires more maintenance, but it’s worth it since the colour also looks amazing when completed!

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